Structural Engineered Unfinished Oak Hardwood Flooring

£87.08£171.68 inc. VAT per pack

Greenleaf Structural Engineered Unfinished Oak Hardwood Flooring is comprised of a number of tightly compacted layers of plywood, because of this, it re-inforces the boards to become extremely stable and damp proof. Structural Engineered Flooring is suitable for use on all forms of subfloors e.g. concrete and wood etc

Installation couldn’t be easier, the hardwood flooring can be nailed over joists and no sub-floor preperation is required. It is also environmentally friendly due to the way in which it is constructed.

The flooring is available in 3 grades: a rustic, prime or mixed grade as detailed below:
Rustic – more character e.g. knots and imperfections
Prime – a higher grade and blemish free finish
Mixed – the best of both worlds, a higher grade with fewer knots and imperfections than a rustic grade

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