Sub-Floor Preparation

Here at Creative Flooring, we offer a wide range of products for use in preparing your floor ready for new floor finishes. These include sub-floor smoothing and levelling compounds both latex and water-based, as well as a range of boards and overlays. If you require any assistance in choosing the right products, or simply just need some advice then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 458 0753.

Ardex Ardurapid A45 Repair Mortar

£17.10 inc. VAT

Ardex DGR Degreaser

£41.99 inc. VAT

Ardex FA20 Flexible Smoothing Compound

£45.96 inc. VAT

Ardex Feather Finish

£56.54 inc. VAT

Ardex K11 Levelling Compound

£22.92 inc. VAT

Arditex NA Smoothing Compound

£31.44 inc. VAT

Carborundum Stone

£35.94 inc. VAT

F Ball & Co Measuring Bucket

£5.50 inc. VAT

F Ball Stopgap P121 Primer

£16.42 inc. VAT

F Ball Stopgap P131 Primer

£31.69 inc. VAT

Gorilla Mixing Bucket

£10.52 inc. VAT

Karndean Skim Coat

£20.34 inc. VAT